Education, Training & Industry expectations are among the fundamental principles of the Corporate ladder. Keeping Industry standards and candidate's interest in mind our programs are designed with more of practical training and focused on producing the quality works. Dhaavik Academy is one such organization that has a completely different approach to the forms of education, and hence accepting new courses, venturing new opportunities in the field of training and exploring your niche at working with various organizations. In short giving people a logistically proven method of thinking out of the norms. Educating in fields that have a scope and those that have never been tapped, we are always looking at the new inventions, or rather, making an individual a creative being, to have an invention of their own someday.

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    Industry Standards

    It's difficult to imagine a world without industry standards. They ensure that different computer products interact seamlessly, that we can make calls and access information on our mobile phones, and that our televisions are able to receive and interpret broadcast signals. And that's only scratching the surface. There are several thousands of standards that affect almost every aspect of our daily lives, ranging from petroleum products and solar panels to GPS navigation systems and medical devices.

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    Practical Learning

    Theory provides the basis of knowledge for any course you study. But while having a theoretical knowledge is important, practical education is more interactive and can help you learn and understand more. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, and incorporating practical skills into your studies is proven to help you learn better, gain a better understanding of the workforce, and even gain employment! Here are the top reasons why practical skills matter.

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    Online Training

    Online training doesn't stop when the onboarding process ends. To keep you up to date and brush up on skills, we offer you Online training courses. So you can take them while you are doing household tasks or sipping a coffee in a café. With our online training course you can take advantage of learn anywhere programs, you can access those materials anytime to study once again. This is very convenient in case you want to learn at your own pace.